Saturday, February 28, 2009

Visitor Visas

As an answer to today's One Minute Writer's prompt, the first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to own a store that would sell visitor visas to any country. I mentioned in my comment that this may seem a silly idea to Americans and nationalities of certain western countries as they can already visit many countries without visas.

About six weeks ago S and I bought tickets for CeBIT fair in Hannover, Germany. We wanted to visit the fair and afterwards take a week or so to visit a few friends in Gemrany and France. We prepared all necessary documents and went for the interview. Two weeks later when we went to pick up the passwports, we found out that Gemran embassy had not given me the visa. They didn't say why but said I could write a letter of objection, which I did and have not recevied any reply for yet.

So here we are. S flew to Germany this morning and I'm left here with no answers as to why I am not eligible to have a 10 day visitor visa to Europe.

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