Thursday, November 12, 2009

Settled in My New Life

Last few months were the most busy times of my life... After the adventurous experience of the post July election in Iran (attending some rallies and demonstrations and even riots), my student visa was finally issued in July, so S and I had to pack all that we could from our tiny apartment in Tehran, sell and donate the non-movable stuff, say goodbye to friends and family, whom we were not sure when we would be able to see again, and move to the States within one month or so.

It took us some time to get settled... Thus the reason for me not updating the blog.

And of course everything has changed- or is it? Going everyday to work has changed to going to school which consists of attending classes, and working in the lab. Taking exams was something I hadn't done for a couple of years. But it's good to be student again. I like the feeling much better than being an employee. So now I am finally in a state were I can call myself fairly settled in my new life. And hopefully I'll be blogging more frequently. We'll see...

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