Saturday, January 5, 2008

Koppel on Discovery: Iran, the Most Dangerous Nation?

This is the name of one of the Koppel Team's Series: "Koppel on Discovery". Koppel Team traveled to Iran for three weeks in 2006 and filmed this documentary which is about post-revolution Iran and Iran-Us conflicts.
As an insider of what's really happening in Iran, I must say that they have done quite a good job. They are relatively unbiased -which is the most important quality of a documentary in my opinion- and they have managed to cover many important aspects. I highly recommend this 2-hour documentary to anybody who wants to get a refreshed view of what's really happening in Iran. I am sure it will surprize many of you who have never had any idea about Iran more than the one-sided, politically disturbed point of view of Bush administration's speeches. (and don't get me wrong: by that I don't mean Iran is all about peace and freedom and brotherhood and scientific achievements and islamic idealism as claimed by the one-sided, politically disturbed depiction of Ahmadinejad's speeches either.)

more info on the Discovery Channel's official site:

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