Sunday, January 6, 2008

a Phenomenon Called "Fingilish"!!

Farsi (Persian) is the formal language of Iran. It is written in Perso-Arabic Script which is basically Arabic Alphabet with four extra alphabet whose sounds doesn't exist in Arabic (with English equivalents of g,ch,p,zh sounds).

"Finglish" is persian mixed with English, and it's mostly used when Farsi words are typed in Latin alphabet and it is the most common kind of typing when Iranian poeple are chatting-online , writing an email or an SMS to a fellow Iranian. It must have been originated from the times when no or little Farsi add-ons existed in computer softwares and cell phones(which is still true, though to a lesser degree) and most poeple, including me, are more comfortable with it than with Farsi typing. For example, my cell phone supports "Arabic Alphabet" (which is a wrong name as it includes the extra four alphabet I just mentioned), or my windows and my Office have Farsi added to them -with a whole bunch of different kinds of fonts- but I haven't typed even one Farsi SMS or Farsi Email in my life. Ironically enough I am a lot faster in Latin (and thus Fingilish typing) than Farsi typing. I even hardly know the place of Farsi alphabet on the keyboard without constantly looking at them.

a few motnhs ago somebody introduced me to a software called "En2Fa Translator" which would allow you to type in Fingilish and ask the program to convert that into Farsi script, which could be a real life saver for many. I don't know how much you english poeple (or any latin script based language speaking people for that matter) can relate to what I am saying, but I think it must be the same with all languages with non-latin script.

Of course many passionate advocates of Farsi language, try to encourage people to start learning and getting used to Farsi typing as a campaign to save this language, and Fingilish is just a small example of the ways English has affected Farsi. An English teacher I know says it's only a matter of time for all languages to fade away and give their place to English as a universal language.

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Anonymous said...

I use to type in arabic script the easy way with latin keyboard.