Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tehran Now

What happened yesterday:

We set up for another peaceful demonstration in the afternoon, but all over the city, especially on main streets different kinds of police forces existed. Along Azadi street which goes from Enghlab Sq. to Azadi sq. (the path of the first rally on Monday last week), Baseeji's and Sepiahi (Revolutionary Guard) would scatter people by beating and tear gas and even stones!! I even saw some Baseeji's with machetes who would run and shout "Ya Heydar!!" Which is really a difficult thing to digest. We are all raised to love Ali (also nicknamed Heydar) whom we Iranians know as the symbol of being a hero, a champion, and now these people using that to kill their own people??

At occasions we had to run for our lives. Everywhere people were trying to gather and form a group and chant "down with the dictator" and "God is Greater". But, there were suppressed with tear gas and batons. We came home before dark but I've heard there were shootings around the city. I have seen youtube videos of people being beaten and killed. I have heard hospitals do not accept the wounded or if they do, Baseeji's will attack people who are carrying them. I've also heard that some foreign embassies in Tehran are sheltering the wounded.

I had a very disturbing day... I cried myslef to sleep last night...

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