Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why We Protest?

To put the facts it in a nutshell:
  • Admadinejad has been the president of Iran for four years.
  • He was one of the four candidates in the last Friday's presidential elections.
  • He was announced as the winner in a landslide victory by state media Saturday morning.
  • While the three other candidates submitted their objection to the election results to the Guardian Council, and many authorities refused to recognize him as the winner, he celebrated this win by gathering supporters around a main square in Tehran on Sunday. He called people who object to the election results as "dust and dirt" and "vandals".
  • There has been some brutal incidents of attacking the supporters of his main rival, Mousavi, since Saturday morning. Supporters of Mousavi have been protesting on the streets of Tehran and many other cities to show their objection to a wide scale rigging in the elections, his insult to the supporters of other candidates, his government's brutal reaction to their objections, and beating and killing of their fellow citizens.

Mousavi and his supporters are asking Iranian authorities to hold a re-election and international authorities not to recognize Ahmadinejad as the legitimate president of Iran. They believe he has won the election through a coup arranged by his Ministry of Internal Affairs (holder of the election), Ministry of Communication (disabling text messaging, throttling the Internet, filtering websites, disabling cell phone networks,...) state media, Revolutionary Guard, and support of The Leader, Khameneyi.

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