Monday, April 6, 2009

Country Dropdown Lists

Did you know that when I am registering in some of the sites that ask about your information like name, gender, age, country, etc., I cannot find the name of my country in the dropdown list? Not much of a surprise, huh? since most internet sites are American and there is an embargo going on. What country would you choose if you didn't have the name of your country listed?


Chase said...

great question!

I'm from the States, so it's never hard to find my country... but I'm living in Taiwan. Sometimes when I work off of USA-based sites, they'll get mad when I don't have a "State/Region" to list, so I have to make something up.

hmm... if I had to choose, I'd likely pick something that seemed reasonably close to where I am, or somewhere that was on my (ever growing) to-travel list.

...what do you do?

ACitizenOfThisWorld said...

Thank you Chase.

Usually I try to choose a different country every time. Sometimes countries I have hardly heard the name of (just for fun).

But if I'm in a hurry to fill the forms and get done with it, I usually leave it to be United States which is the default country most of the time. But this only works if I'm not asked for further information about the location like address or postal code.