Monday, April 27, 2009

Moods and Chain Reactions

Some days everything seems to be in their place, everything as it should be. All that happens make sense and I succeed in what I do during the day. But some days... oh some days... nothing fits. Everything is falling apart. From early in the morning crazy people dominate the drivers, I am late for work, my colleagues drive me mad,.. (and you know the rest...). Like the whole world is doing its best to feed my rage.

I have no doubt that this chain reaction of disturbing events goes back to my moods. When anger takes over in me, frustrating events are in action. What I am not sure however is whether my angry mood makes me only notice the disturbing part of all things that happens around me, or it actually CAUSES disturbing things to HAPPEN around me?

On a second thought... is there any difference between the two??

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